Sitting Type Chamber



  • Installation of an independent breathing system to ensure the inhalation of pure oxygen
  • Installation of BIBS oxygen mask
  • Convenient access for patients with limited mobility
  • Improved spatial efficiency with the application of sliding door
  • Auxiliary equipment, control console, and air supply system mounted
  • Communication system between the interior and exterior of the chamber and fire prevention system mounted
  • Optional operation in both automatic and manual modes
  • Entertainment system provided, including TV, audio devices, etc.
  • CCTV system enabling monitoring inside the chamber
  • Installation of noiseless, vibration-free air conditioning system


  • Working pressure: 1.1ATA to 3.0 ATA
  • Patient Breathing Device: BIBS Oxygen Mask
  • Size: L1,520mm x W1,720mm x H 2,120mm
  • Weight: 3,500 kg
  • Rated Voltage/ Frequency/ Power Consumption: AC 220V/ 60Hz/ 500VA
  • Design Standards: ASME PVHO-1, MFDS

Approved product name: Hyperbaric oxygen chamber for medical use

Purpose of use: A device that enables patients to breathe high concentrations of oxygen for a specified duration within a chamber that maintains a higher atmospheric pressure than the ambient pressure.

This product is a ‘medical device’, please read ‘Precautions for Use’ and ‘How to Use’ carefully before using.