Hard Type Chamber

O₂ONE H3000


  • Easy access (in and out) by mounting bed slide for users.
  • Simplified caster mounting and peripherals for layout changes.
  • Ease of patient monitoring through observation window.
  • Spare connectors for optional mountable units
  • Acquired PED, a certification for European pressure vessel standards.
  • Automatic control system which facile chamber decompression and pressurization
  • Safe whole-body high-pressure oxygen therapy chamber
  • Safe whole-body high-pressure oxygen therapy chamber
  • Available to choose between automatic and manual mode


  • Chamber / Available to set up to 3.0ATA
  • Patient breathing apparatus / A holder mounted for oxygen mask
  • Communication device / Patient-operator callable through interphone
  • Air and oxygen pressure measuring device and manual control system: Installed
  • Length: 2415 mm
  • Width: 1156 mm
  • Height: 1308 mm
  • Weight: 1000 kg
  • Operational pressure: 1.1 ATA ~ 3.0 ATA
  • Max. Capacity: 1
  • Rated source voltage/frequency/power consumption : 220V/50~60Hz/65VA
  • Installation: 2m x 4.6 m

Approved product name: Hyperbaric oxygen chamber for medical use

Purpose of use: A device that allows patients to receive high concentrations of oxygen for a certain period of time in a chamber that creates a higher atmospheric pressure environment than atmospheric pressure.

This product is a ‘medical device’. Read ‘cautions for use’ and ‘how to use’ carefully before use.